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Helena Christensen for Citizen K by Gregory Derkenne

Magazine: Citizen K International
Published: Summer 2009 
Covergirl: Helena Christensen 
Photography by Gregory Derkenne
The top model Helena Christensen stars in the cover of the June issue of the magazine Citizen K. Very elegant and sophisticated, the model demonstrates that in its pages will always be a 'supermodel' and that for her age (has played 40) is not a problem: "It is a concern if you compare it to the youngest. It is not my case, "he explains. Become a photographer and entrepreneur, says that the Danish labor model "is a unique experience," but would have liked to be a historian or archaeologist. "I love the past." 
More beautiful and happier than ever, dressed in elegant models pret a porter, Helen is honest and reveals that the birth of her son, Mingus, changed his life: "He had to manage my career and, of course, take care of the baby." And is that being a mother is probably "more complicated" to be a model: "Especially at first. Then becomes the most wonderful thing in the world "- he points. – from

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