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Photography by Herring & Herring

Photography by Herring & Herring
Art Director: Dimitri Scheblanov
Stylist: Katie Collins
Model: Brigid McGaw |CODE|
Hair and Make Up: Sam Dogson
"The images were made by combining two images. The preliminary photos were taken with the model wearing clothing over a green body suit, the body and background were then stripped away in post production and then only the clothing was projected onto the model, who had to take the same pose as in the initial photos". 

Herring & Herring based in New York, is a collaboration between Dimitri Scheblanov (Russia/USA) and Jesper Carlsen (Denmark/USA), engaging in fashion photography and art direction. Their aim is to continuously push the idea of story telling through an ever-expanding visual vernacular. Herring&Herring; clients include: DeBeers, Philip Crangi, Alvin Valley, Malin Landeus, BornTheBest, Kouture Magazine, BASTA Surf, Mirage Magazine, etc.

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*Images Courtesy of Herring & Herring

The September Issue

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