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Milano: Gucci Spring Summer 2010

Collection: Gucci – Menswear
Designer: Frida Giannini
Season: Spring Summer 2010
Models: Benoni Loos, Casey Taylor, Francisco Lachowski, Gen Huismans, Gerhard Freidl, Jonatan Frenk, Julien Ferre, Linus Gustin, Magnus Alinder, Marcel Castenmiller, Mark Cox, Matthew Hitt, Mathias Bergh, Mathias Lauridsen, Matvey Lykov, Nick Rae, Nick Snider, Olaf Czosnowski, Phillip Huang, René Rodriguez, Robbie Wadge, Ryan Kennedy, Tillmann Meister and Tim Boot
Gucci's Spring Summer collection comes again with a distinct Frida Giannini's stamp, emboding young, fresh and bright. Giannini keeps her irresistable skinny suits, tagging along a lot of white into the next summer, of course with shiny blue, purple and pink transcending from winter mood into the summery colors. The collection does not experiment with going back to the 90's cut and motives (like many did), it thrives of already set standards of fashionable, which will make it easy for the fashion house to keep and get new buyers with. Check out video previews below, including an interview with Frida (in Italian), after the cut:


*Photo credit | modelhommes

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