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Prada by Steven Meisel

Ad Campaign: Prada
Season: Fall Winter 2009.10
Models: Anna de Rijk, Kendra Spears, Julia Hafstrom & Ymre Stiekema
Photography by Steven Meisel
Full autumn winter campaign by Steven Meisel. Complete set, including eyewear ads, under the cut:

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  1. Hm.. I wish you would put a little more input/personal opinion into the postings. I realize that this is a "Update" blog, but it would be great to hear some insight according to your standards.

  2. When I find its necessary for me to give more of a personal input, I do… basically I wont post anything I don't like…

    My personal opinion on something like this for exp, would turn into a lot of praise, and I doubt that would be constructive and have any purpose at the end of the day.

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