Victoria Beckham for ELLE US

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Magazine: Elle US
Published: October 2009.
Cover model: Victoria Beckham
Photography by Unknown
Singer turned designer Victoria Beckham comes as quite a surprise to the readers of American Elle gracing both newsstands and the above subscribers cover. Now why is there something missing on this cover? Was that Birkin too heavy for our Mrs Beckham? (Sorry I just had to say that.) Now it’s up to your mailman, the October issue is all about Haute Couture, and the subscribers are getting it first.
Victoria Beckham is wearing Dior.
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  1. designscene says:

    I am not sure how well you read the text, this is the subscribers cover =)

    a different cover also featuring Victoria is gonna reach the newsstands

  2. designscene says:

    what is the subscribers cover then?

  3. Nick Leonard says:

    Well it's a gorgeous shot nonetheless. I love her neck.

  4. Jess says:

    World Traveler shut up if you don't know what you are talking about !


    If you dont like what he is blogging about dont come here to spam every day!

  5. wow, she's wearing the entire couture get-up, impressive!
    although for some reason when she wears it, it lacks the 1950's Dior charm, she still looks great in it 🙂