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Karen Elsons Debut Album

Singer: Karen Elson
Album: The Ghost Who Walks
Release Date: May 25th, 2010
Everybody’s favorite redheaded supermodel holds a few surprises, she decided to turn her singing and songwriting talent into a career. Without much of a hype, Karen surprised us with news of her debut alum The Ghost Who Walks hitting the shelves May 25th 2010. We’ve seen supermodels taking on musical careers (we loved Agyness Deyns one off and who can forget Naomi’s quick trick?), what surprised us even more than the news about Karen’s next step is the fact Miss Elson really has a singing voice, making her wonderfully retro debut single is actually worth a spot on our iPod.

WE are not aware if Elson’s husband, rock star Jack White of Whitestripes had anything to do with the project, but you can see Karen performing two tracks of her debut album in a live acoustic set over at her YouTube account.

And look at that album cover! Good luck Miss Elson!

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