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Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010.11 Paris Fashion Week

Collection: Chanel Haute Couture
Season: Fall Winter 2010.11
Designer: Karl Lagerfeld
Certainly the Grand Lion at Grand Palais has helped Karl Lagerfeld express the theme of his Chanel Fall Winter 2010.11 collection more than well, but now I'm left with so many questions. Where is the Chanel Lion from? Who made this gilded baroque lion? How did they get it in? Should we call it Chanelion? What is it made from? Where is it now? Is it recyclable? Why did The Others want Walt so bad? Who built the four towed statue? Wait, wait, last two are from Lost, anyway the video of the show has made it's way onto YouTube so check out the video of another impressive Chanel spectacle, second part is after the jump:


*Images source | Paris2e, Grazia

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