Copenhagen Zoo Bus

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Art Director: Peder Schack
Agency: Bastes Y&R;
Pretty much against this kind of advertising, if you payed for the bus ticket you should see where your bus is taking you. Now after this grumpy point of view, this is the most original bus advertising approach to date, Copenhagen Zoo advertising was designed by Bates Y&R; agency with Peder Schacks art direction and it looks like it successfully avoids the free window problem. View the complete bus after the jump:



  1. elizar33 says:

    some taxis in Singapore has this kind of ad also…

  2. Dan Udey says:

    With this sort of bus-wrap advertising (which we've had a few times here in Vancouver), the ad is actually perforated with thousands of tiny holes to let light in. People on the inside can see out fine (but the ad cuts down on the hot summer sun), but people on the outside, from a distance, just see the ad.