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Exclusive: VAGA Magazine Preview

VAGA Magazine Preview

Magazine: VAGA
Issue: #1
Cover Model: Vick |Elite Models NY|
Photographer: Walker Brockington
Design Scene has the honor to give you an exclusive look into the premiere issue of VAGA, a printed biannual fashion magazine showcasing current photographers, designers and artists along with emerging talent in the fashion industry.

First issue of this New York based printed fashion magazine now available for purchase online and in select newsstands, comes on 154 pages and "In Love With A Teenager" theme. For more images, video teaser, contributor list and note from VAGA's editor Fernando Lahoz, continue after the jump:



I won’t ever grow up. I’ll always be a teenager. Now, more than ever I want to be erratic, unbalanced, compulsive and uncompromisingly honest, free of mind and spirit. I want the pleasure of living by my emotions. I want to figure out a way to open locked doors, do prohibited things and feel the impact of my own choices. I will be wrong and provocative and experience sex and love again, like the very first time. I am going to be in love like a teenager because the secret to eternal youthfulness is allowing ourselves to make mistakes. Let’s go back into the streets of ‘our Neverland’ and make some noise! Play some music! Be a misfit, be a wild child and for once do whatever the hell we really want to do! For us it was this magazine. For the premiere issue of Vaga Magazine, we invited different personalities and artists from the fashion industry to collaborate under a common theme. “In Love with a Teenager” is homage to the only time in our lives when we act utterly carefree. This issue is an attempt to awaken our inner teenager after a long hibernation period. Vaga Magazine is a bi-annual, printed fashion magazine and e-zine based in New York City. – Fernando Lahoz

Contributors: Alex Brunet, Cate Underwood, Dean Mayo Davies, Dennison Bertram, GL Wood, Jason Mickle, Jeremy Kost, Krisana Jaritsat, Kristiina Wilson, Lauren Treece, Marley Kate, Michal Chelbin, Nik Hartley, Pamela Love, Pandemonia, Rachel Khona, Letty Schmiterlow, Sam Scott Schiavo, Thomas Engel Hart, Walker Brockington, Fernando Lahoz

For more info and to purchase the magazine log on to VAGA's web page.

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