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An Furniture by Kam Kam

An Furniture Kam Kam

An Furniture
Designed by Kam Kam
A unique and very proportional design coming from studio Kam Kam with their project An Furniture. For more images and designer's description continue after the jump.

An Furniture Kam Kam An Furniture Kam Kam An Furniture Kam Kam An Furniture Kam Kam An Furniture Kam Kam An Furniture Kam Kam

Bally US

Ax sheets (A3, A4, A5, etc) have “Silver Ratio” that promotes productivity by keeping the dimensions always (approximately) in the same ratio of width:length when they are folded in half. Inspired by these Ax sheets, we assigned fresh sculpture of distinctive ratio to furniture, which makes the furniture economical by saving raw materials. Since An Furniture also can be rearranged and relocated to a closet, a bookshelf, a storage cabinet and a drawer by a straightforward process, there would be no furniture better than this for single-person households. – from Kam Kam

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