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Exclusive: Michal Kar for Asia Wysoczynska

Asia Pulco by Michal Kar

Campaign: Asia Wysoczynska
Designer: Asia Wysoczynska
Model: Asia Pulco |Division|
Make up: Zosia Krasuska |Division Art|
Hair: Sebastian Kazmierczak
Stylist: Basia Czyzewska
Photography and direction by: Michal Kar |ShootMe|
Production: SHOOTME Photographers
An exclusive first look of a striking campaign shoot by skilled fashion photographer Michal Kar, accompanied by an equaly engaging video it delivers an impeccable presentation for designer Asia Wysoczynska. View more images, the video and a more detailed concept description after the jump: 

Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar Asia Pulco by Michal Kar

Anatomy of motion – a result of collaboration between fashion designer Asia Wysoczyńska and photographer Michal Kar – is an attempt to explore the relationship between stills and moving images. The main intention was to work with model Asia Pulco more as a perfomer than a model and put her in a situation where she could respond directly to the camera. The cinematic approach was taken when combining bizarre, surreal location with contemporary fashion, which carry us into a world that mixes sexuality and aggression, into the world of mysterious beauty. What makes it so charecteristic and cinematic is the fact that the pictures are compressed into a single narration and vice versa transforming moving images into stills. We see abstracted form of body shapes, becoming arrangement of graphic lines that line up into story the plot of which is to be put together in one’s mind.

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All images copyright of Michal Kar.

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