Railyards Cultural Centre in Aarhus by 3XN

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3XN Denmark

Project: Railyards Cultural Centre
Designed by 3XN
Location: Godsbanearealerne, Aarhus, DK
Client: Aarhus Municipality
Area: 9,500 m2
Budget: 12 mio. Euro
Architect: 3XN, Exner, NORD
Website: www.3xn.dk
Noted Danish office 3XN delivers another impeccable project, the construction has already begun on their project design for Railyards Cultural Centre in Denmark's second largest city Aarhus. The construction includes restoration of the historical Railyards building as well as a new structure to house additional facilities. Completion time is set for 2012, for more images and data continue over to our sister site ARSHICENE.net.