Eva Ouxiu Spring 2012 by Giovanni Squatriti

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Eva Ouxiu

Ad Campaign: Eva Ouxiu
Season: Spring 2012
Models: Alexa Yudina, Elena Sartison |both at Women Model Mgmt|
Hair: Dora Roberti |W-M Management|
Makeup: Rosario Belmonte |Closeup|
Stylist: Gioele Panedda
Photographer: Giovanni Squatriti
Website: www.giovannisquatriti.com
Giovanni Squatriti shares one of his latest projects, a striking shoot for Eva Ouxiu Spring 2012 collection featuring Alexa Yudina and Elena Sartison. Have a better look of the campaign after the jump:

Eva Ouxiu Eva Ouxiu Eva Ouxiu Eva Ouxiu Eva Ouxiu


  1. Hiraa says:

    wow beautiful ! blue ! 😀

  2. Jake says:

    lovely photos!

  3. Gregory says:


  4. Andrew A. says:

    some striking features on those girls, goes well with shoot.

  5. Merry says:

    first time i hear of that brand but photos are beautiful. thank you for posting big images online always liked that on design scene!

  6. Travis Waddles says:

    Who’s the Champ? I’m the Chomp!