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Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection

Corneliani Spring Summer 2014

Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 welcomes us into another season of menswear in Milan by starting the fashion week with a stellar new show. With its signature sophisticated ease the creative force behind the label Sergio Corneliani morphs both modernity and forward thinking into the new collection. He says: “I was inspired by China, India and also by Arabic countries: using our established know-how and style, I mixed together these styles to create a wardrobe for a self-assured, casual chic and modern man. I believe we have to embrace influences from other cultures, but never losing sight of where we come from”.

Presented at the breathtaking Rotonda della Besana in Milan, the location itself subtly reminds the fact the label never forgot its roots, even while venturing into such an international inspiration. In a refreshing way the new design presents a mix of classic lines with an oriental yet contemporary sentiment. Besides the classic black and white, sand tones dominate the collection, while showstopping hotspots of the collection are the intricate knitwear pieces.

Discover below more of our favorite looks from the new SS14 collection:

david agbodji Spring Summer 2014 corey baptiste Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 Corneliani mens ss14 Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 Spring Summer 2014 david agbodji simone nobili menswear ss14 Corey Baptiste Corneliani mens ss14 Florian Van Bael Corneliani Abiah Hostved Corneliani mens ss14 Corneliani Corneliani Spring Summer 2014 Corneliani Corneliani Corneliani Corneliani mens ss14 charlie france mens ss14 mens ss14 mens ss14 clement chabernaud Corneliani andrea preti Corneliani

Models: Abiah Hostvedt, Adrian Cardoso, Adrian Wlodarski, Alexander Johansson, Alexandre Cunha, Andrea Preti, Bastiaan van Gaalen, Ben Lark, Benjamin Eidem, Blazej Kutyla, Charlie France, Chris Moore, Clement Chabernaud, Corey Baptiste, David Agbodji, Florian van Bael, James Smith, Joe Essig, Julius Gerhardt, Kim Won, Li Zhen, Lucas Mascarini, Lucas Valerdi, Mael Caloc, Nicolas Ripoll, Oliver Altman, Renej Segulin, Riccardo Mora, Robin Ahrens, Rodolphe Zanforilini, Ryan Taylor, Sascha Weissenborn, Sebastian Brice, Simon van Meervenne, Simone Nobili, Stephan Wiesinger, Sung Jin Park, Thorben Gartner, Tomas Guarracino, Tomek Szczukiecki

Images by Marin Finerty at The Room Collective, words by Zarko Davinic @designscene


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