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Rebirth by Yana Chervinska and Jean Gritsfeldt

Yana Chervinska

Ukraine based designers Yana Chervinska and Jean Gritsfeldt team up with photographer Denis Manokha to create the striking Rebirth story.

The leitmotif of shooting "Rebirth" is reborn as human beings on the stage of life orientation changes and loss of self-awareness as a social unit. The hero is trying to convey in the appearance of spiritual anguish. Aesthetic and decadent mood are highlighted contrasting compositional accents, clearly marked minimalist Japanese way of serving and eclectic accessories..

Styling is courtesy of the designers, while model in the set is Jean Gritsteldt. The designers share with us the rest below:

Jean Gritsfeldt Yana Chervinska Jean Gritsfeldt

Jean Gritsfeldt Yana Chervinska

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