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Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Stuart Weitzman

Kate Moss

Supermodel Kate Moss as the face of Stuart Weitzman for another season, posing in radiant black and white imagery captured by her friend and legendary fashion photographer Mario Testino.

Kate is one of Mario's favorite models, the two have worked together on numerous occasions. Testino has even published an exclusive photography book featuring Moss exclusively.

Are famous people more interesting than “regular” people?

I think content is the only thing that matters – we are all obsessed by content. If someone has done a few films or composed some music, we automatically connect our life experiences to this public work. So if you see it from that point of view, people who produce brilliant content are more exiting than a normal person that comes with nothing. But I like discovery and everybody that is famous started out not being famous. So if we weren’t interested in people that weren’t famous then they would never become famous. So anybody can interest me.

That’s true, you’ve been known to launch careers of unknown models and people even say that you ended the era of the supermodel.

And I created a new one. At the end of the ’90s I was very bored with the usual models, so I discovered a new generation that impressed me with their fresh look. I still keep working with models like Gisele Bündchen and Kate Moss and I am still looking for new, interesting faces. Life is about discovery and you should never stop searching. I enjoy what life brings me. – from Mario Testino interview by The Talks.

Stuart Weitzman

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