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SHIRD’OR First “Spring Never Seems to Come” Collection


SHIRD'OR's first "Spring never seems to come" collection featuring Marina at Passion Agency captured by June Shor with styling from Moran Apter, hair by Menahem Haluba and makeup by Keren Schacham.

In the hip of winter it seems like it would stay like this forever, and it feels like spring never seems to come. The idea that you can feel the changes of the fabrics to a lighter garments and still keep the winter vibes. 
The story behind the collection is the idea of "Movement" while we are walking; the embroidery designed in a place that captures the breaking movement of walking, and the garment change its looks. The use of leafs details, comes from that, while we are moving we barely notice the changing, and the garment transforms and captures the ‘movement’ by over stitching and over top open pleats skirts.
In searching for inspiration images for this collection, Shir Dor chose this season to design lose but complex silhouettes, that flatters the women’s body with accents of pleats and embroidery in unusual places, which create a smart and effortless ensemble. 
The fabrics and the color pallet in the collection, drawn from the Fall season, and slowly starts to become more lighter for Spring. The main idea for the collection was to design a desirable dress, whereas the other pieces such as skirts, and jackets are functioning as accessories.
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