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#MFW Roberto Cavalli Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Roberto Cavalli

Fashion designer Peter Dundas presented Roberto Cavalli‘s first collection under his leadership, for Spring Summer 2016 womenswear collection Peter mixes Cavalli’s brand codes with his own vision to redefine Roberto Cavalli woman.

An evolution, a reimagining, a change. In his first collection as creative director of Roberto Cavalli, Peter Dundas goes back to the label’s fundamental elements – its essence – in order to define the new Roberto Cavalli woman of today.
Drawing on his heritage of work, as well as his own past as a storied member of the Cavalli team, Peter Dundas reinvigorates and revives the codes of the house, mixing them together into a dynamic and youthful new proposition. Fresh, wilful, and free: all hallmarks of the Roberto Cavalli woman.
Freedom – of body and of inspiration – is key. Dundas draws on Roberto Cavalli’s excellence in denim, leather and exuberant Florentine hand-craftsmanship to create a wardrobe that eschews notions of the precious, of day and night, in favour of a free mix of garments.

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