#MFW Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Fall Winter 2016.17 Collection

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Marcelo Burlon presented his latest Fall Winter 2016.17 menswear collection at the Calabiana Hub during the recently finished Milano fashion week. Before the show Marcelo welcomed his guests with a shamanic ritual. In charge of styling was Ilaria Norsa, with hair by Gianluigi Gargaro at Aldo Coppola Agency using L’Oreal,  and makeup by Cristiana Ceccarelli at Aldo Coppola Agency using L’Oreal. Set design is work of Extradimensional Design. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan collaborated once again with Pendleton and Alpha Industries for the flight jackets.

Always interested in the liberating power of aggregation, sharing and cross-pollination, Marcelo Burlon continues to explore a dense net of multi-culti paths in his new collection. The interpretation is shamanic, lysergic and spiritual, looking at the hippie culture which gathered around El Bolson – his Argentinian hometown – in the Seventies, but also at natural psychedelia as well as raves and other contemporary rituals.

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Photos by Giovanni Giannoni
Creative direction: Marcelo Burlon
Music: Marcelo Burlon & Pascal Moscheni
backstage direction: Marchell Salgado
Hang: Kabecao
Shofar: Kishi
Models: Adam Kaszewski @ Fashion – Aleksandr Mizev @ Independent – Amine @ Major – Barak @ Why Not Models – Bruno Sitton @ Why Not Models – Carl Hjelm @ I Love Models – Connor Newan @ Elite – Cyril zakirov @ I Love Models – David V. @ Boom – Federico Spinas @ I Love Models – Geron Mc Kinley @ Elite – Henoc @ Hore – Janica @ Brave – Jordun Love @ Major – Jos @ Boom – Kaj @ 2men – Konan Hanbury @whynotmodels – Leo @ 2men – Nebi @ 2men – Ola @ 2men – Rinat @ I Love Models – Tom C. @ Major – Wonjung Jo @ Fashion
Talents: Fa’ Empel – Giuliano Alborghetti – Joao Paulo Vieira Borges – Kal – Kirikoo Des – Latino – Mercedes Nico Ceri Specchio – Paola
Special Collaboration: Pendleton
Caps: Starter
Production of the event PRY
Website: www.marceloburlon.eu

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