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#LFW Alexandra Moura Fall Winter 2016 collection

Alexandra Moura took the London Fashion Week to present her Fall Winter 16 collection. The collection is a mixture of polar opposites; light and shadow, sharp and soft, female and masculine. The designer incorporate futuristic and timeless concepts within her designs and pushes the boundaries of fashion.


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Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(2) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(7) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(8) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(10) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(11) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(12) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(13) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(14) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(15) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(17) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(18) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(20) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(23) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(24) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(25) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(27) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(28) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(29) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(32) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(33) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(36) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(39) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(41) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(42) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(44) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(45) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(50) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(51) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(52)
/> Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(3) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(4) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(5) Alexandra_Moura-fw16-(6)
All images courtesy of Alexandra Moura

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