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#PFW Drome Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

Drome presented Fall Winter 2016 womenswear collection during the recent Paris Fashion Week. The collection features leather, perforated and dyed sheepskin, hair. The color palette includes white, cameo, night, black, breeze, picart and sunshine.


Welcome to the DROMe club, the ultimate club where aesthetes, new bohemians and poets of the night meet. An underground, timeless and mysterious atmosphere shapes the scene. A dancer is moving among mirrors, two performers are chasing each other in the light of fluorescent lamps, with echoes of songs by David Bowie in the background. This is the scenery through which the DROMe girls are taking their steps in the next cold season. A strong and contemporary aesthetic elegance is present. As in the pictures by Deborah Tuberville, lying between fairy-tales and decadence, sometimes disturbing ones, Marianna Rosati, designer of the collection, defines a different woman, catching a private moment of the female world, freezing it in time. Strong and incisive, the silhouette is aerodynamic, voluminous upwards and slimmer downwards. Or vice versa. Focus is brought into too long and too large sleeved outerwear, matched with super light and almost impalpable garments, in a play of references where shapes are cut, open, turned upside down, doubled and in evolution. Main features are textures and consistency, lengths and widths, constructions and solutions. A romantic tribalism lightly touches the leather by means of rigid ruches running one after the other, while elastic details give emphasis to oversize blouse jackets and trench coats. Fragments of the ’40s echo in the fashionable sleeves of trench coats, with their shape defined in a new way, thus becoming more female-like in the crinkled surfaces. Falling-like shoulders and sleeves with extremely long patent fringes feature on the new bomber jacket. Tightened collars recalling schoolgirl shirts enclose the face. This rigour creates a strong contrast with wide maxi palazzo or maxi bell-bottom trousers. A retrieved, noir sensuality transpires through leather swimsuits and stretch suede leather bodysuits, with a romantic taste and a revolutionary attitude. The determined accents of the DROMe sunglasses line come in five exclusive styles made in acetate and metallized leather. The “skyfall” style is practical and aerodynamic; it’s mask-like shape recalls the ’80s. The “cat-eyes” style, with its vintage taste returning to the ’70s, is like two pairs of glasses in one, with its rectangular and oval shapes binding together and giving space to leather carvings and inserts. Shoes are also needed to dance at the DROMe club till late at night. Here are 2 styles: a flat ankle-boot, patent leather and yolk leather with elastic strips and hooked eyelets, in a mix of patent and stretch nappa leather, and a double ankle-boot with cylindrical heel, available in patent or metallized leather. – from Drome

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