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Charlize Theron for V Magazine by Collier Schorr


The one and only Charlize Theron takes the cover story of V Magazine‘s #101 Summer 2016 edition captured by fashion photographer Collier Schorr and styled by Robbie Spencer. Makeup is work of Kate Lee (Starworks Artists), with hair styling by Enzo Angileri (Cloutier Remix), and manicure by April Foreman (The Wall Group). Set design is courtesy of Peter Klein (FrankReps).

Fairy tales are really fucking dark. I read them every night to my kids. That character, the Evil Queen, to me started off very like, Yuck. It’s too iconic. It’s just so one-note. Everybody knows who this person is. Then, the more I read the story, the more I realized she was a fucking serial killer. She had this God complex. The more I humanized her, the more she became broken to me, the more I realized how painful it must be to be alive for that long and just know one way of living, to never learn another way of living. It became brutal. I was lucky in the first one, the producer and the director were really open to me creating more of a backstory for her and adding some scenes to really showcase her in a little bit of a different light, so that she’s not just the bitch on wheels. In a really weird way, I was allowed to create that character more than any other character that I’ve ever played. The idea of exploring her through a different relationship, a new relationship—Emily Blunt’s character, her younger sister—felt interesting. It’s brutal when you think of the truth of what we face in society, what it means for a woman versus what it means for a man. What we, especially women, consider to be our strengths and to be our weaknesses. That aging is a weakness, that we think of it that way. Yet, it’s when we’re at our wisest. We’ve experienced everything and we should be considering ourselves the richest. We live in a society where women are treated like wilted flowers. They used to be pretty, but now they’re just kind of wilting. The guy is like a fine bottle of wine. He just gets better and better with age. It became very real, the vanity of it all. That we are all animals of our circumstance. If you are raised to believe that your power is only good for as long as you’re beautiful, then that’s what you’re going to believe. If you’re a child growing up in a fucking racist community, then you’re going to grow up thinking black people are bad. Hopefully, you’ll find a different path somewhere along your life. If your circumstances are so enclosed in the environment that you were taught in, then that’s what you’re going to be. That’s what this character is.” – on reprising her role as the Queen in The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

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