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For the August issue of DESIGN SCENE our Fashion Features editor KATARINA DJORIC sits down for an interview with the designer-to-watch Danielle Romeril to talk fashion design, inspiration and life motos.


What sparked your interest in fashion?
My mum had an interest in dressing differently and I guess that influence how I thought about appearance and the aesthetic you could create for yourself. I remember my mum wearing hot pink and lime green double denim and then the next day she would be wearing Yohji Yamamoto! My granny too was a stylish lady, her claim to fame was she brought ski-pants to Tullamore (a tiny rural town in Ireland) I was good friends with Irish jewellery designer Merle O’Grady in school and she really introduced me to catwalk fashion and imparted some knowledge in how to thread a sewing machine! From there I started to make my own clothes to go out clubbing in and that it grew from there.

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Are you self taught or did you study fashion design?
I did a BA in Limerick School of Art & Design, lots of internships in Paris and London and a MA from the Royal College of Art in London. I believe internships are a key part of getting a good education.

How did you come to start your own line?
After I did my degree in Ireland I worked as a designer in London, then I did my MA in the Royal College of Art in London and then I was head hunted to work for a design house in Italy, after learning and realising I didn’t enjoy working for a designer whose creative vision I did not share a bit the bullet and did it on my own!

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Freshness, contemporary, a balancing act of femininity and boyishness and an obsession with surface detail.

Where do you go for inspiration and how does that inspiration turn into reality?

I take a break- get out of my usual routine, travel, go to new galleries- it’s not about what you see, it is about the mind frame that you see it in- that will decide if it is inspiring to you or not. Free headspace allows for creativity- worrying about emails does not!


Who do you think is the ideal Danielle Romeril woman?
When FKA Twigs wore Danielle Romeril on stage at Bestival- that was pretty special but obviously not everyone is FKA Twigs so for me the DR woman is about spirit and vibrancy and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd but a woman who understands the importance of beautifully made things, slow fashion, how having something made in the UK by craftspeople is a better investment than 10 high street pieces- someone who cares about how the impact how they spend their money has. 

Are there any types of clothing that you avoid wearing?

Clothes that make me look boring- if your aunt would approve you’re probably not doing it right. Anything that makes me look like a princess- I can’t think of anything worse! 

What would you like to achieve before the end of the year?

Go on an amazing holiday with my boyfriend- we are thinking of Vietnam for Christmas to see his friend who works for the UN- I just have to save up some pennies first- now where is that coin jar? Paint my flat- I just can’t decide on the colours- and the pressure of being a designer means that people expect your flat to look good and at the moment it has beige walls and dodgy carpet! Get to know the lovely people who shop on my e-store better and have a party for them. 

What is your motto?

Work hard and be nice to people; Is this what I really want?  I am trailing a new moto out at the moment; Tell the truth to people, if only because it is the easiest thing to remember!




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