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Discover all the looks from ERMANNO SCERVINO Spring Summer 2017 collection just presented during Milan Fashion Week.

Everything is new. The fashion house’s iconic trait of pleated lace is more modern, worked into a honeycomb with cutting-edge sartorial techniques. Vertical and horizontal lines are placed together to create new optical effects. Eco-leather jumpsuits and jackets trace the silhouette of tomorrow onto the body. Suits, in total white or with an animal pattern printed on astrakhan embroidery, are embellished with jewelled floral decoration that outline an art nouveau style of the future. Uniform-inspired outerwear is completely de-constructed, reinventing itself in a sensual key with taste. Rope becomes a chic accessory or embroidery. – from Ermanno Scervino

See more than fourty new looks after the jump:

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All Images Courtesy of Ermanno Scervino