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Fondazione Prada: Give Me Yesterday Exhibition at Osservatorio


On 21 December, 2016 Fondazione Prada will unveil a new exhibition space dedicated to photography and visual languages – Osservatorio. Located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the space will be extending across the fifth and sixth floor, providing an 800-square-meter exhibition space. (image: Antonio Rovaldi, Orizzonte in Italia, 2011-2015)

Osservatorio will be a place where trends and expressions in contemporary photography are explored, investigating the constant evolution of this medium and its connections with other disciplines and creative realms. At a time when photography has become part of the global flow of digital communications, through Osservatorio’s activities Fondazione Prada will question the cultural and social implications of current photographic production and its reception. Fondazione is thus extending the range of tools and approaches through which it interprets and interacts with present times. – from Fondazione Prada

Give Me Yesterday, the Osservatorio’s inaugural exhibition curated by Francesco Zanot, will run from 21 December 2016 to 12 March 2017. Exploring the use of photography as a personal diary over a period of time ranging from the early 2000s through today, the show will include works by 14 Italian and international artists – Melanie Bonajo, Kenta Cobayashi, Tomé Duarte, Irene Fenara, Lebohang Kganye, Vendula Knopova, Leigh Ledare, Wen Ling, Ryan McGinley, Izumi Miyazaki, Joanna Piotrowska, Greg Reynolds, Antonio Rovaldi, Maurice van Es.

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greg-reynolds-copyGreg Reynolds, Jesus Days, 1978-1983

irene-fenara-copyIrene Fenara, Ho preso le distanze, 2013

izumi-miyazaki-copyIzumi Miyazaki, Hair cut, 2016

joanna-piotrowska-copyJoanna Piotrowska, XXV Frowst,2013-2104

kenta-cobayashi-copyKenta Cobayashi, Orange Blind, #smudge, 2016

lebohang-kganye-copyLebohang Kganye, Her-story: Ke dutse pela dipalesa II, 2013


leigh-ledare-copyLeigh Ledare, Mom as Baby Jane, 2005

maurice-van-es-copyMaurice van Es, To Me You Are a Work of Art, 2011

melanie-bonajo-copyMelanie Bonajo, Thank You for Hurting Me I Really Needed It, 2008-2016

ryan-mcginley-copyRyan McGinley, Dakota (Hair), 2004

tom%c2%ac-duarte-copyTomé Duarte, Camera woman, 2015

vendula-knopova-copyVendula Knopova, Tutorial, 2015

wen-ling-copyWen Ling,, 2001-2008

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