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Recognizing the New Trend in Modern Office Furniture

Bland cubicles and the stuffy office are on their way out as a working atmosphere becomes a more prominent selling point for any company. Whether upselling for the best employees or a point for reassurance to potential clients, a livelier, more comfortable work environment offers nothing but positive results. Recognizing the different aspects of work is vital. Planning an office layout based on function is a simplified way to reach the new, fluid style of modern office furniture.


More and more businesses are promoting a healthy work-life balance. A simple message, but it goes beyond having a life outside the office. Recognizing the toll a long work day can have requires a temporary oasis. These relaxation areas focus around a comfortable furniture and often sound barriers to help isolate one from their coworkers. Contemporary designs often utilize sharp angles and clean shapes, something that advocates for furniture which can be rearranged to personal preference.

Also, modern office structure pushes freer layouts whether that be at tables, standing desks which are available from height adjustable desks online…whatever is deemed effective.


One of the most important pieces of accomplishing quality work is the utilization of group thinking. This can be achieved through standard brainstorming as well as a simple work space. There are a number of varying ways to accomplish the desired outcome. Conference-style rooms remain a preferred design for traditional planning. Focus will be centered around a table with boards, TVs, or monitors serving visual depictions of ideas. Less formal atmospheres continue to become more prevelant as the different mindset plays wells to working together. Modern office structure pushes freer layouts whether that be at tables, standing desks…whatever is deemed effective.


Maintaining a steady voice throughout the office helps prevent the dreadful monotony of a long work day. Communication between workers comes in a number of ways. Break rooms and an area to step away and grab a snack are valuable for breaking long stretches of work, and even the smallest conversations will have a positive impact. More constructive connections come through presentations and training. Rather than the open spaces that are used for break rooms, more work-oriented areas utilize desks/tables oriented around a single presentation point (board/monitor). Companies will have their own ways of establishing this regular dialogue, but set-ups will remain generally concrete in overall structure.


Steady interaction is important. However, maintaining individual work spaces is vital to overall production. Traditional cubicles work in some environments, but they have been phased out in many others. New designs still consist of a one-desk set-up, only now they are built for more flow into the rest of the office and are more inviting for others at the office. Long-hours build up and offering a working sanctuary away from one’s home desk prompts better productivity. These areas do not need to be more than a couple small chairs and accessible tables. Though simple, the change of mindset that comes with a different location helps shorten the longer hours.

All images from Open Space Office In Kiev by UNIQUE Design Studio.


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