PFW: ANREALAGE Spring Summer 2018 Collection

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presented the spring summer 2018 collection during the recently wrapped up Paris Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by one of the most ubiquitous driving forces in the world – power.

Spring Summer 2018 Collections

For this collection, designer Kunihiko Morinaga focused on the relationship among clothes, the human body and physical power. As we go through our daily routines, we are constantly putting tension on the clothes we wear. This tension then imbibes our clothes with a sort of physical power, which Morinaga has set out to visualize through light. Mechanochromic technology is used as a sensory tool in architectural structures to detect and visualize cracks – sites of stress or tension – on a building through a phenomenon which turns this tension into light. This mechanochromic technology has been applied to the clothing to turn kinetic energy into light; in other words, visualizing power through light. – from Anrealage

Scroll down to see the entire collection:

Images courtesy of Anrealage