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While always on the lookout for up and coming talent our Deputy Editor ANA MARKOVIC sits down with the promising JAAFAR JACKSON for an exclusive interview coming before the release of his music debut in 2018.


Jaafar talks about the legacy of his family and his uncle Michael Jackson, but also inspiration and future plans. Read our exclusive interview with Jaafar bellow:


Who is Jaafar Jackson?
I am a 21 year old who grew up in Los Angeles in a big family. I’ve been surrounded by music ever since I was born. I was a golfer until I was 13 and then I got into singing. I want to bring joy and magic into peoples lives through my music. I want to entertain the world.

Coming from the music’s most influential family, do you feel more pressure when you create music?
No I don’t really look at it as pressure, I look at it as motivation to work hard every single day. When creating I just believe in myself and trust my gut. If it sounds and feels good then I know I have something.

What kind of music do you write?
I love to write music that makes you feel something whether it makes you feel sad, happy, or just feel good, or makes you want to get up and dance. I love to tell stories through my music.

When should we expect your first album?
You ‘ll hear something in the new year. I’m really excited about it.

Where do you find inspiration?
When it comes to writing a song I get my inspiration from many places. I get it from personal experiences, staring at a beautiful view, watching movies. I love to just sit in front of the piano and be in the moment and see what comes out. I do that a lot.

Your cousin Paris successfully launched her modeling career?
I’m very proud of my cousin Paris.

So, have you ever considered becoming a model?
Yes I’m just starting out and I’m really enjoying it. I love fashion and always have. It’s important to me especially with what I’m trying to do in music.


How much do you follow fashion?
It depends on where I’m going but I like to dress up a bit on regular days.

Could you describe for me your personal style?
I like wearing clothes that have detail and stand out in the right way. It’s quite hard though since I live in LA and it’s very hot most of the time so you can’t really bring out the nice jackets and sweaters. That’s why I love Europe!

Beside music, what are you other interests?
Besides music I love to draw. I do that that a lot on my free time. I’m also interested in acting and possibly directing in the future.

Speaking of the future, what do you have planned?
I see myself on a stadium world tour, winning awards, creating incredible music, traveling the world helping the less fortunate, being healthy and happy.

Do you have a philosophy that you live by?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” meaning treat people the way you would want to be treated. My dad would always tell me that and to always be humble no matter how much fame and success you have.

We just have to ask… What is your most cherished memory of Michael? 
There’s been quite a few great memories with my uncle Michael. I’d say my most cherished one would be playing hide and go seek with him at Neverland. That was so much fun.

Was he as amazing uncle as he was performer?
Yes, he was always so kind and caring. A lot of people misunderstood him.

What’s your favorite the Jackson 5 song? 

My favorite Jackson 5 song is called Touch. That’s the first song my dad had me learn and sing in front of him to see if I could actually sing. He approved so that’s how I got into singing.

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