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LFWM: Bethany Williams Autumn Winter 2018 Collection

Bethany Williams presented Women of Change, a film made in collaboration with moving image director Crack Stevens during the first day of the London Fashion Week Men’s. The film screening was accompanied by a presentation with models featuring pieces from her Autumn Winter 2018 collection.


For her Spring/Summer 2018 collection, “Attenzione” electrical tape and wine bottle packaging were woven into practical and durable new textiles at San Patrignano and used to create outerwear, and the inspiring stories of the women she met were woven into a printed textile collage. Jersey pieces from the collection were also produced collaboratively with the women at Making for Change. The collection also funnels money back into the enterprises – 10% of the profit from each garment sold is donated to San Patrignano, and a further 10% is donated to LCF’s Making for Change to purchase new machinery. As well as integrating socially conscious design into her collection Bethany is equally committed to sustainability and sourcing. The knitwear from ‘Women of Change’ has been created through taking recycled wool and denim from Kent and then hand knitting them through cottage industry on the Isle of Man where she grew up. Raw materials are sourced from Chris Carney Collections, a recycling and sorting facility where it goes on to be washed, cut and unraveled before the hand knitting process. Other denim elements within the collection are sourced alongside this and unpicked before being reconstituted into new garments. – from Bethany Williams

Scroll down for the full collection from LFWM Autumn Winter 2018 runway:

All images by Amber Grace Dixon

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