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LFW: Ashley Williams Autumn Winter 2018 Collection

Ashley Williams Autumn

Ashley Williams presented her Fall Winter 2018/19 collection during the ongoing London Fashion Week. Inspired by digital technology and Britain’s history, countryside and national monuments, the collection mixes feminine elements with menswear details.


Oh New Years eve, the Ashley Williams girl made a pact to ditch technology and set about exploring the UK and all its monolithic marvels. Grabbing her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent she hopped on board a passing Megabus for a life enhancing expedition as a modern antiquarian. Whilst on the road, she realised she hadn’t packed appropriately so she swerved towards local hiking shops and set about customising their practical clobber en route. Like a delectable druid or an extraordinary Odinist, she would tie dye her dungarees whilst visiting breathtaking ruins, back in the glow of the summer solstice while studding her sliders with trademark diamanté slogans, and dance on the cusp of a Highland spring whilst sporting a landing neon fleece and bucket hat combo. 

Connecting with her environmental bloodlines and natural heathen impulses, she further tapped into a dark folklore direct from Mother Earth and was re-born as a prehistoric pagan. Agnostic, blasphemous and sinful, yet all the while intoxicatingly bewitching, she case aside her lavender corduroys, and Patagonia style outerwear and embraced her inner necromancer. A sorceress, a soothsayer, and an enchantress so sexy she danced with the devil in the pale moonlight whilst playing his harp from hell. Replete in sheer tulle frocks flocked in barbed wire, her bosoms emblazoned with feathers like a busty phoenix rising from the ashes of the bonfire she previously danced among. This was Nancy Down from The Craft attending the high school prom in her nightmare dress of dreams. – from Ashley Williams

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Ashley Williams Autumn

Ashley Williams Autumn

Ashley Williams Autumn


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