DS CONVERSATION: How To Bring The Real You To The Office

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Today, long hours, tough schedules and being accessible online at all times are blurring the lines between life and work. That is why for our own well being it is pivotal to bring the authentic self to work. This mindset will at the same time have a positive effect on your productivity at the office, but also help in your personal growth. Dropping a mask at work will both save your time and energy, your happiness relies on it. Putting on a show for others at all times, won’t allow you to put your best self in front of your colleagues, and end of day your friends and loved ones.

Furthermore, your colleagues will grow tired of your false character, which is inevitably to make your existence at work tiresome and in the end much harder.

DESIGN SCENE editor ANA MARKOVIC singles out four ways to be your authentic self in the office. Here’s how: 


If something is important for you out of the office, it should remain important to you at work as well no matter what. Work on establishing and sticking to your values and principals at the office as well. Unless you set your ground, your colleagues wont be able to get to know the true you, also wont be able to acknowledge your beliefs and learn how to respect you.


Lessons you acquire in your day to day life, come with you to the office, so make sure you apply them. On the path of becoming your true self you have to connect various parts and routes of your life. Ask yourself – how hard it is to deal with you on a personal level? What behavioral patterns do you bring with yourself to the office? What changes you made to your life at home, can be brought to better you at the office an professional as well as personal level?


What will help you gain a sense of purposefulness in your life as well as at work, is envisioning what you want to achieve. Whether you set this as a one year, or a five plan, it is important to envision your legacy. Seeing it as a legacy, makes you reflect on what you are to leave in the path behind you. Creating a vision for a type of person you want to grow into, will build trust and consistency with your friends and colleagues, putting a chance of ambiguity to the side.


Life is a battle, so is a day in the office, therefore make sure to bring your strengths, insights, contacts and skills from various parts of your life to help you achieve your goals. Ask yourself – do you show a great deal of empathy to your loved ones in a time of need? Apply that sentiment to people surrounding you at work, your colleagues. Try to connect all the insights and and ideas while forming these work relationships. By offering to give a hand to your colleagues you will solve any tasks and problems much easier.

Being yourself at work, is to boil down to a win-win for all.

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