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How to Give Beautiful and Fashionable Gifts

Fashionable Gifts

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones is a wonderful way for you to show them just how much you care. Instead of opting for a generic present that could have been bought for anyone, or re-gifting an item that you have always disliked, you should set your sights much higher. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting down someone that you care about deeply. Even if you are intimidated by the task that lies ahead, you will need to persevere.

The following six tips will help you to give beautiful and fashionable gifts:

Fashionable Gifts

Get your sizes right

If you are worried about making the wrong purchase, you can achieve peace of mind by getting your sizes right. It can be a complicated process if you are trying to guess the size of someone else and you are concerned about offending them with an inappropriate choice. If you know the other person well, why not sneak into their closet when you are visiting their home? Just make sure that you find out the sizes of more than one garment, as some people fall into different categories depending on the store they are buying from or the piece of clothing in question. For instance, they might wear small size trousers than the size of their blouse. Another option is to find someone with a similar body shape to the recipient of your gift. Maybe you have someone in your family, or perhaps there are parallels to a well-known celebrity. It could be a great way for you to get a rough idea of sizes, without arousing suspicion.

Consider their appearance

The next step is to consider the appearance of your special someone carefully. If you are going to treat your loved one to a wonderful gift, you need to make sure that your final selection compliments their coloring and flatters their favorite features. Why not write a list of all the physical traits that you admire? You should also make a note of any compliments that they receive and seem especially pleased with. Going to all of this extra effort will help you to explain your choice of gift. Even if the present itself falls flat, at least your loved one can take comfort in the fact that you went to so much trouble. Equally, if your gift becomes a firm favorite, it will be even more special because of your careful thought process.

Find a gift that reflects their special interests

You can also put a lot of thought into your present by writing a list of your recipient’s special interests. Thinking about all of the things they love should help you to feel inspired during your search. Whatever their interests, there is sure to be a present that fits the bill. For instance, if your loved one simply adores wildlife, you should look into buying them a piece of animal jewelry. This is a fantastic way for you to appeal to their interests while offering them a beautiful and fashionable gift that will liven up their look. You should adopt a similar approach if your friend or family member loves sport, film, art, or travel. Don’t give up until you find a gift that could only be for the person you are buying for.

Fashionable Gifts

Think about the items they already own

If you are trying your hardest to find a beautiful and fashionable gift for your loved one, it is likely that they are an individual who already appreciates such things. If this is the case, you should pay close attention to their existing clothing and accessories. Every time you meet, you will need to make a mental note of the outfit they have put together. You should also keep your eyes peeled for any items they wear more than once. You might find that they are always bringing out the same pair of jeans or pulling on the same pair of boots. Collecting this information should help you on your quest for the perfect gift, as you can select a present that compliments the colors and styles already being worn by your special someone. This will improve the chances of your gift being a hit, as hopefully, your recipient will have an immediate idea of how they are going to style the item.

Be a little sneaky

If you share a close relationship with the person receiving your gift, now is the time to be a little sneaky. One way of doing this is by ordering in catalogs and leaving them around your property. Or, it might be that your loved one already has plenty of fashion magazines at hand. Whatever the case, you should take a look at any of the pages they have folded down or ripped out. There are also some online stores that allow you to favorite specific items and save them for another day. Why not have a cheeky scroll on their account to see what you can find? If you go ahead with this plan, just make sure that you stay on top of any new purchases made by your loved one. If you have found the perfect gift, the last thing that you want is for them to order a duplicate. You should also remember to trust your own creative instincts. Although it is a good idea to pay close attention to the tastes of your loved one, you also need to ensure your gift comes from the heart.

Enjoy the best of both worlds

Last but not least, if you are truly struggling with the process, you should find a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. A simple way of doing this is by buying your loved one a voucher for their favorite store. It is a great opportunity for you to bring them joy, without taking any chances on purchasing the wrong thing. Alternatively, if you are determined to try a lot harder, you should organize a special shopping trip that the pair of you can enjoy. This is still a brilliant way for you to put the work in, as you can organize transport, refreshments, the choice of a shopping mall, and the overall budget. You can also go the extra mile by offering to carry your loved one’s bags, opening doors for them, and supporting them as they try on different items.

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