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Lacoste Save Our Species Limited Edition Collection

Lacoste has replaced its iconic crocodile logo with 10 different animals in order to raise awareness for endangered species. Featured on the brand’s classic white polo, the Save Our Species limited edition collection marks a 3 year partnership between Lacoste and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Take a look at the complete story asfter the jump.

“For the endangered species of this world, the crocodile abandons its ancestral place,” say Lacoste, who had previously never changed their green croc since its debut 85 years ago. The globally recognized logo was designed as an homage to the brand’s founder René Lacoste, who was dubbed “The Crocodile” because of how he dealt with his opponents on the tennis court. The new, limited edition logos were produced using the same green coloring and embroidery style as the crocodile.

The designs were produced in limited numbers, corresponding to the remaining population size of each species in the wild. The Sumatran Tiger was produced in a limited number of 350 polos, and the smallest batch, with just 30 pieces,features the California porpoise, one of the most threatened mammal species ever. Other species pictured are the northern weasel maki, the Burmese turtle, the eastern black crested gibbon, the kakapo, the Java rhino, the California condor, the saola and the Anegada iguana.

The limited edition polos were retailed at $185, and the has already already sold out. The profits of each sale were donated to the IUCN conservation.

Discover the complete collection on the official website

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