Ways To Help Your Kids Learn About Fashion

There may come a time when your kids approach you to talk about what they look like and their personal style. Rather than being caught off guard, prepare yourself ahead of time and understand what you should know concerning teaching your kids about fashion.


Don’t be scared off by them caring about what they look like, instead, take an interest in their curiosities and work with your kids to help them understand fashion better. It’s likely you’ll learn new information along the way you can apply to your wardrobe too. Use this as a learning opportunity and bonding experience for both of you.

Shop for New Clothes Together

Start by going online to a trendy stores and discovering what’s out there. Look at the images and read about the latest styles. Strike up a conversation with your child about what they like and don’t like as you’re scrolling through the various pages. Doing this will help you get a better idea of what’s out there and what looks your little one prefers. Come to an agreement on a few items and use these purchases as a starting point for his or her new wardrobe.

Help Them Dress Themselves

Teach and guide your kids to dress themselves and help boost their confidence. Do this by giving them choices, explaining the basics of fashion and praising them for their final choice when you both agree. What you don’t want to do is force an outfit on them when it’s not what they truly want to wear that day. Your goal is to get them to make a good decision based on their judgment. Be there for support and to help them come to an option you both find attractive.

Attend Fashion Shows

Go out in the field with your kids by taking them to fashion shows and learning about what’s trending together. Have an open mind and be ready to soak up all the new apparel ideas you can. You may not like all you see, but instead of continuously judging simply take a mental note of what you do like and can get behind. These are fun events that your kids will love if they truly do want to learn more about fashion.

Dabble in Modeling

If your kids approach you about fashion and seem to be taking to it, then it may be a good time to see if they’d be up for some modeling. It could be a great way to learn more about clothing styles and how to confidently portray the looks in everyday life. They’ll naturally have to understand different trends and the fashion world better if they’re getting into modeling. Remember they’re young, so you need to be there for support and help them to make the right decisions along the way.


Don’t panic if your kids come to you wanting to know more about fashion. Be ready with a response using these guidelines. It’ll be a fun project you two can tackle together, and you may even find a new look for yourself when all is said and done.

Images from A Young Gentleman’s Story by Matthew Lyn for Design Scene – See the full story here


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