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Jewelry: A Quick Guide to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings offer a great way to complete a perfect look; they complement any outfit and most importantly, turn heads. While buying a pair of diamond stud earring isn’t as complicated and overwhelming as purchasing an engagement ring, it is vital to know what you are looking for, if you are to get a bang for your buck. [Image above – custom Diamond Stud Earrings from Allurez Family Jeweler]

Here’s a quick DESIGN SCENE Magazine guide to buying diamond stud earrings:

Decide on budget

Diamond stud earrings are beautiful and elegant, but they come with a price. So the first thing that you should do before setting out to purchase a pair is to be clear about how much you want to spend. The benefit of having a budget is twofold. First, it guides the vendor in picking a collection of pieces (from their vast inventory) that best suit your personal preference and budgetary needs. Second, it helps to minimize your risk of overspending. Besides, having a budget is critical in finding the right dealer for you.

Half-daisy crystal-embellished stud earrings from Burberry. Floral is a true inspiration for this pair coming from Burberry’s pre fall 2018 collection. These flower studs are created in silver tone palladium, shaped in an elegant half a daisy floral arrangement. 

Decide whether to buy pre-set or build your own

If you’re purchasing studs that are 2cts or higher, your best bet would be to build your pair. You’ll need to select two pieces of certified diamonds that match and have them placed in a setting of your liking  – such as bezel, prong, martini-style, basket-style, and crown-style settings. Often, you’ll need professional help to ensure that the two diamonds match.

The second option is to buy a pair of pre-set diamond stud earrings. This isn’t hard, because you’ll have a range of options that are already assembled, so all you’ll need to do is pick one that works for you.

Bottega Veneta‘s cubic-zirconia stud earrings come in an elegant green taking on this staple jewelry piece. The famed fashion houses crafts their jewelry in Italy with oxidized sterling silver. 

Select the metal type and color

Going by the GIA diamond clarity chart, the color scale of diamonds ranges from D to S-Z, with D being the highest color grade (colorless) and S-Z having easily noticeable brown or yellow tinting (light tint). A good idea would be to purchase an earring that falls within the H-J (nearly colorless) range because often, you won’t appreciate the highest color grade at the normal range from which you view the studs on a person’s ear.

As for the metal type, you can settle for yellow gold, white gold or platinum – the one you choose will depend on your taste.

Azlee is an all american jewelry hot on everybody’s list, these 18kt gold studs are just as all of their designs created locally in Los Angeles.

Find the right dealer

Finding the best dealer is perhaps the toughest hurdle you’ll face when purchasing diamond stud earrings. The market presents an incredible selection of the same, and it only makes sense to take some time to conduct research. You can look for vendors both online and physically, ask for recommendations from friends and loved ones, or even check online for reference. Be sure to read out reviews of different stores to gauge what their previous clients are saying about them. You may also check out some sites that offer information – including customer service, diamond quality, ease of return, price and overall – about different dealers. This will help guide you in making the right buying decision.


Buying diamond stud earrings shouldn’t be hard, not if you stick to this guide. Finally, if you opt for a pair remember – you should always insist on a GIA diamond grading report, to verify the authenticity of the purchased diamonds.

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