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STYLE REPORT: 5 Best Men’s Fashion Trends for 2018

2018 has been a pretty exciting year for clothing trends. Not only has there been a lot of experimentation but men have also embraced variety. The trends that have been dominating the year have been inventive. Whether it is on the street walkways or on the runways, this year has definitely been unique. As the summer season closes, the trends are set to change again. The following though, are some of the trends that have defined 2018.

Romper Trend

One of the most unusual men fashion trends in 2018 has been the romper trend. People have both praised and questioned the style in equal measure. The reason for this is because of the use of rather unorthodox shorts. While it is normal to wear shorts on the beach and during summer. It is not usually so for other times during the year. The romper has nevertheless made it into the wardrobes of many this year due to the sheer inventiveness of 2018 designers.

Colorful Suits

Summer has specifically been great for this trend. This year, the colorful suit has not only made a huge comeback but it has also been a definitive trend. The runways have particularly been dominated by these suits. Every major fashion event has seen a huge number of colorful suits. It might well be concluded that 2018 is the year that has been all about color especially compared to the past few years. While the average professional is yet to embrace these suits, the weddings and other informal events have been characterized by colorful suits.

Rise in Men Accessories

Accessories have also moved from their traditional turf and made it to the mainstream fashion scene. Biker accessories have particularly been embraced by virtually all men to make the look more sophisticated. Most men like to add bikers jewelry to make it more brutal. This trend will undoubtedly persist all through to the end of the year and even into 2019. This is because biker jewelry has simply become too unique to ignore.

Vertical Stripes

Another men’s trend that is still defining the year is the use of patterns on the clothes. Vertical stripes have particularly been common this year. It is not hard to see why this is the case since this pattern is one of the coziest and simplest. Even though vertical stripes have been around for the longest time, 2018 has been great for variety. Thin stripes, medium stripes and thick stripes have become more common on shirts and even tees. The fact that the style is great for both casual and official fashion has also made a case for the stripes.

Floral Prints

Finally, the omnipresent Hawaiian prints are still going strong in 2018. Floral shirts are the ultimate fashion for the warm, bright summers. As with every other trend, there has been a slight inventiveness with 2018 floral shirts. More intricate designs have made it into the market and better designs have become more common. It is now possible for most people to wear these shirts as the modern designs have allowed for all kinds of inclinations.

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