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#PFW: Anrealage Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Discover Anrealage‘s Spring Summer 2019 Collection  presented on Tuesday September 25th, 2018 at Palais des Beaux-Arts, during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week.

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Change the dark stream to clear.
Change the dark sky to clear.
We believe all is vanity.
We pray all becomes clear.
To see the far future.


1. becomes transparent
2. becomes unclouded
We have been trying to create a new line through garments, sometimes going beyond and stirring the border between the extreme opposites, inspired by our big theme of breaking the border between real and unreal. Not only our craftsmanship, but our aesthetics lay in the coexistence of contradicting values, which can be seen in our logo combining two alphabet letters A and Z. The opposite values we tried to go beyond in this collection are black and clear, technology and handwork.


Black absorbs the light completely, and clear penetrates the light completely. We challenged expressing ever changing 􀊠real􀊡 and 􀊠unreal􀊡, in which visible becomes invisible and invisible becomes visible. As the Buddhist notion of vanity indicates, the color never remains the same, always keeps moving and ends up in nothing, as if black backwater starts flowing out and a stream becomes clear, as if dark clouds retreat and a clear sky emerges.

Garments which look black at first lose colors slightly, shift to gray and becomes transparent as time passes. Inner wears and skin beneath the garments start to be seen in association with the change.



We produced garments in primitive manners by hand spending lots of time, using futuristic and chemical materials. Futuristic and primitive, or mechanical technology and time-consuming hand work. Putting these opposite extremes together is in the center of this collection.

A futuristic material, which goes back and forth between black and clear, is the result of collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals which engages in science materials. We developed the material called Clear Black Photochromic, which becomes totally black under the sunlight and start losing color under the fluorescent light, turning back to transparent in the due course.
We made thousands of embellishment parts such as buttons, balls and studs out of this material and put them on the garments covering almost all the surface all by hand, spending as much time as possible. Each outfit has more than 5,000 parts. Clear Black Photochromic is applied to other materials such as spangle and microslit yarn.

Pray all becomes clear.
Respect the handwork on each parts.
God is in the details.


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