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#PFW: OTTOLINGER Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Discover OTTOLINGER‘s Spring Summer 2019 Collection presented during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. The collection is inspired by the maze of civilization and an ongoing epic fantasy.

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For their SS19 collection, the two designers behind Ottolinger have settled in a place still unexplored during PFW, the Lafayette Anticipations art foundation in the heart of Le Marais. In this space dedicated to contemporary art, extreme modernity and architectural heritage blend together. To the oneiric live music of Eartheater, they unveiled a collection carrying on their aesthetic signature while adding new references.


Their first show in PFW official calendar, Ottolinger SS19 is a collection of magical realism featuring multiple narratives, such as traditional Swiss lace, gingham fabric, Hawaiian and sci-fi prints, handwork, denim and sportswear. The collection has the beautiful ability to convey familiarity, happinesss, sadness or intense curiosity – sometimes all at the same time.

Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient touch upon perspetives we grew up with or have come to know well: an independent woman, an immigrant in globalization, a person in love, a child of an incredible mother (and father) or a contributing citizen to society.

Ottolinger SS19 is inspired by the maze of civilization and an ongoing epic fantansy.

Styling by Ursina Gysi
Live performance by Eartheater (PAN)
Music by Bill Kouligas

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