SHOPPING TOO MUCH? Living In a Material World

Are you guilty of shopping a little too much? Keeping up with the latest trends can be tricky when there isn’t enough wardrobe space for your purchases. More often than not, we find ourselves struggling to find a place to store the items we’ve collected over the years.

Whole rooms can get lost as direct a result of our spending, but why are we keeping so many things? Most of our things are collecting dust because we don’t have the time for a clear out, but there are of course personal items that hold a strong sentimental value.

A recent survey commissioned by self-storage company Ready Stead Store, revealed that 39% of the UK wait until they move house in order to have a clear out, with only 19% of people having a clear out every season, and this is taking a toll on our wardrobes! The data showed that only 20% of the clothes in the average person’s wardrobe are worn on a regular basis.

Have our shopping habits gone too far? Should we be shopping for more sustainable fashion and doing what we can to be ethical? Take a look at the infographic below, which details some key findings about materialism in the UK.

Are we Living in a Material World?

Image above – Top Model Tess Hellfeuer for Design SCENE

Cesare Paciotti

Bette Franke & Filip Hrivnak Model Cesare Paciotti FW18 Collection

Sophia Tatum

Sophia Tatum by Rhys Frampton for Beauty SCENE Cover Story