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PFW: MAISON MARGIELA Fall Winter 2019.20 Collection


MAISON MARGIELA unveiled the Autumn/Winter 2019 Défilé co-ed collection, on Wednesday February 27th, during the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. Appropriating the inappropriate, creative director John Galliano, creates genderless garments using the decadent cutting.


The overstimulation created by a computer-generated culture of artifice alters reality and confuses fabrication for truth. With cyclical centennial timing, a new era of decadence sets in: excess inevitably followed by decay. Oversaturated by impressions, the millennial generations native to life in cyberspace begin to search for authenticity. Through the evolved language established at Maison Margiela, John Galliano employs decadent cutting to reduce familiar garments to their most authentic form – their core, their silhouette, their proportion – retaining only the memory of what once was. Appropriating the inappropriate, traditional wardrobe staples fragmentise and migrate to new areas of the body. A flannel coat transforms into a dress, an equestrian trouser mutates into a bustier with a skirt, and a faux leather trench coat morphs into shorts with decortiqué hems. Trousers cut open and flattened become skirts, dresses or capes, their voids filled in with fabric. Flat cutting appears in jackets and dresses brought to life in strategic cuts from which three-dimensional shapes are raised and back-panelled in contrasting lining.– from Maison Margiela

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