Window Treatment Ideas for a Sliding Door

Choosing the right window treatments will give you stunning results

As time passes, the world enters a new modern era. Interior design has become an essential element for anyone looking to maximise the aesthetics and value of their home.

Interior design will create a pleasant, comfortable living environment for you and your family and it will cater to these needs:

● Special concerns
● Texture Consistency
● Patterns
● Themes
● Colors and Lights
● Maximising living space

When your spaces are complete, we call this furnished. Furnishings will include window treatments, and furniture such as dining tables, chairs, etc.

Sliding glass doors are a connection with the outside world, as such we need to choose the appropriate window treatments for them.

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Say yes to easy to open Window Treatments

When your window coverings are easy to lift open, it will allow you easy access to your high traffic sliding door. It won’t be a chore to quickly step outside. Having heavy or hard to lift blinds here such as venetians and romans will make this a little harder for you. Roman blinds will also need somewhat of a clearance above your door due to the stack size, this could easily restrict your access if you don’t allow for it. Another fact to consider is the energy efficiency of your blinds.

Multi Purpose Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds are a great option for sliding door coverings. These special Panel blinds from Australia that we discovered (due to having a special ceiling fix bracket) can be used as a room divider in an office settings or when you have a large space that can be better split up and utilised. Being able to slide open, these blinds will also make it easy for you to access your sliding doors. Alternatively, you can opt for standard vertical blinds here.

Frosted Glass

Treated with a special sandblasting technique, frosted glass can be an attractive treatment for sliding doors due to the very low price point. The frosted sheets of glass gently diffuse the light effects whilst preserving the privacy of the room.

Frosted glass will come in many different styles, and patterns can be incorporated onto the glass to suit your taste. However, what we’ve found is that people tend to go for a matte look. Patterns tend to make the glass look out dated.

Matchstick Blinds

Matchstick blinds are made from bamboo, the wood is arranged in a horizontal pattern. It is a nicer way of decorating a window or sliding door, giving off a very natural look that is so sought after today. The added benefit to matchstick blinds is the fact they are easily rolled up without much effort in order to access your doors.

Shoji Draperies

These are a Japanese style covering used for generations, for windows and doors. They are made up of wood stripes on a light paper and a folding knot. This style comes in a variety of designs and artwork, presenting lovely colours and patterns too.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most economical solution for your window coverings. Roller blinds will come in a variety of different colors and fabrics allowing you to better match your room. Due to being able to link your roller blinds together, you are able to cover larger widths on your sliding doors, the other added benefit to doing this is reduced gaps between the blinds. If you need to access your doors, all you need to do is roll them up, or press a button as these blinds also come in a motorised option.


The interior of a house reflects the mindset of its residents. Although there are challenges that can present themselves for your sliding glass doors, choosing the right window treatments will give you stunning results.

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