Style Tips: 5 Ways an Accessory Can Transform Your Outfit

Using accessories is not only smart economically but it’s a creative way to turn a boring wardrobe around.

Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

For those looking for a way to change their wardrobe without spending too much money, adding accessories to the mix can do the trick. Your most reliable staples are basics like a white t-shirt, jeans and a little black dress.

They are blank canvases and the right accessories can project your favorite trend or your mood of the moment. Using accessories is not only smart economically but it’s a creative way to turn a boring wardrobe around.

Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

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Accessories can give a simple black dress a daytime feel that is office appropriate and by adding a jacket, high heels, a ring and a purse you can change it to a fun nighttime outfit.
A hat can turn dull into chic

Whether it’s a floppy beach hat, a fedora or a cap, a hat can turn an outfit from dull to chic. Transform a simple outfit and make a statement with a hat that suits your individual style.

Wearing a fedora hat, for example, can make you look funky and stylish. Summer is a great opportunity to wear different hat styles that look great but also keep the sun off your face.

Jewelry breaks monotony

A bold necklace draws the eye and breaks the monotony of a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt. Jewelry, no matter how big or small, can completely transform your look. Experiment with earrings, a necklace, a watch or bracelets and see what works with an outfit.

An expensive watch can add a touch of opulent flair. Richard Mille watches are very popular among contemporary hip-hop artists and rappers like Pharrell Williams and singers like Ed Sheeran and Seal. They’re the ultimate symbol that you belong to a select group of individuals who are “in the know”.

A scarf gives you creative options

Scarves are a must-have in your wardrobe and they never go out of style. They are hands-down the easiest way to change up an outfit on the fly. Winding a scarf around your neck when you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt instantly makes your look more distinctive.

A feminine, floral scarf is great in the hotter months and there’s nothing better than a thick, chunky scarf around the neck in winter. Whether you’re wearing a dress or a t-shirt and jeans, a scarf can create a complete transformation from ordinary to special. Scarves in different textures, colors and patterns give you plenty of creative options.

Photo ©Katie Borrazzo for DSCENE

A bag glams up any outfit

One bag for all occasions won’t do – make sure you have a collection so you can always select the right one. A handbag adds glam to any outfit in a really versatile way. Add a large, bright clutch to any outfit for a bit of flair. In winter when you’re wearing a bulky coat, a bright clutch can add that pop of color you need.

Shoes can turn drab to fab

Shoes are the next best thing to diamonds for ladies. A colorful closed-toe, low heel shoe will pop against a plain outfit while still being appropriate for work.

Swap low heels for a pair of glamorous heels and you’re ready for a night out – adding a little height instantly transforms your look. Stashing shoes under your desk at the office or in the boot of your car gives you the opportunity to change things up at a moment’s notice.

Having enough accessories and planning for sudden changes in your routine means that you always have the means to give any outfit a boost. Adding accessories changes your look by adding visual interest, dimension and pulling your whole look together.

Images by Katie Borrazzo for Design SCENE

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