How to Plan an NYC Fashion Week Group Tour by Bus

New York during the fashion week is a different, ethereal, gaudy, larger than life, neon-scented city altogether.

New York is a city whose heart is ever dancing a waltz. The beats of the city run through its vibrant art scene, the thriving night life, the architectural delights and the gastronomic exquisites. But perhaps the biggest thing that the city of New York is known over the world for is its peacock feathered, perky buttoned, funky laced and colour laced fashion week. Indeed, people from all over the world, fashion enthusiasts or otherwise, travel to the city during the fashion week to experience its many-hued wonders. So, just in case you are planning on jumping on the bandwagon with your friends and heading to the lusciously beautiful city during its most vibrant week, you have come to the right place, especially if you have never explored the city during this time before. New York during the fashion is a different, ethereal, gaudy, larger than life, neon-scented city altogether. So, planning such a tour might prove easier said than done. One good idea would be to charter a bus or minibus rental so you do not have to worry about coordination issues, the traffic or the routes and just breathe in the magic in the air. Still don’t know where to start? 

Here is a list of tips and tricks that might help. Read more after jump:


Do your bookings way ahead of time

New York is always crowded but, during the fashion week, it is practically brimming over with people. Most hotels are chock full of guests during this time so definitely don’t leave the accommodation bookings till the last minute. Some people book months ahead so it is best to do yours early on too. This way you can escape the surge in prices and book the place that best suits your group size and its many specific needs.

Choose your transportation

The best way to deal with the transportation issue would be to rent a charter or a mini bus. A charter bus can comfortably fit over fifty people, has ample storage space to fit all your fashion needs, a bathroom you can throw up in while bar hopping, power sockets so you remember to drunk call your ex, wi-fi for all your fashion week insta posting and plush seats you can comfortably sink in after a long day of partying. For smaller groups, you can go for a mini coach. It does not have a luggage bay but the overhead bins can fit everything that you might need during the weekend. If you have a small group of trendy mates hell bent on partying the night away, a party bus can also prove to be a good choice, especially if it is a day trip only.

Make a list of things to do

It’s the fashion week in the city of New York, which basically means that it has triple the number of things to do and see than usual, and the city is pretty overwhelming even during normal days. If you plan on getting a proper taste of the festivities during the time of your visit, here are the things you should not miss:


NYFW at the Break

Explore the vintage store with the super fashionable collection that it offers up just before the models start strutting down the runway.

Kick off the week with WWD

WWD will give you all the insider info you need about the fashion week. It follows the hottest trends and scenes so you will know exactly which runway shows are lit and which parties should definitely not be missed.

11 Howard

If you have fashion week related needs, this place will have it all covered. This hotel puts up shows like the pop-up Moon Juice which is an indulgence topped with cookie bites like sex dust and cosmic lattes, followed by a showing by Zadig & Voltaire.

There is obviously no lack of things to do in New York during the fashion week but remember to break it up so you can explore the Time Square at night, wonder why aliens always attack the Statue of Liberty when you visit it, re-enact romantic scenes from famous rom-coms atop Empire before returning to your hotel for a well-earned sleep just as the sun peeks out from behind the horizon, signalling the start of another glorious day.

Images by Ariane Poulin for Design SCENE – The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week

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