Jewelry with Sapphires is a Symbol of Nobility and Romantic Love

Jewelry with Sapphires is a Symbol of Nobility and Romantic Love

Every woman wants to feel like a queen sometimes. Sapphire jewelry brings a dash of aristocratic dignity into your everyday life. And that feeling is priceless!

The sapphire got its name from the Greek word “sappheiros,” which means blue. Its vivid color resembles the sky a few minutes after sunset. It can have a wide variety of shades ranging from royal blue or indigo to the rare cornflower blue. Cornflower blue sapphires come from Kashmir. However, the most beautiful sapphire to you will be the one shining on your hand, like in an elegant sapphire ring.

The Essence of Timelessness

If any stone is timeless (besides the diamond), it’s the sapphire. Thanks to its hardness, it has great traits for various uses in jewelry making. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are called the Big Three, i.e. the most valuable and popular colorful gemstones.

Sapphire earrings, pendants, or rings are a great accessory for every day. It will save you time and worry about matching jewelry and outfits when getting ready in the morning. A sapphire jewel works well with almost all colors of clothes. It looks great with a romantic dress, a white business shirt, and even with a black-tie dress code. Moreover, it suits women of any type.

The colorful beauty of sapphires is even more pronounced when combined with brilliants. Sapphire jewelry with brilliants has always been popular, and it still holds true today. The sapphire makes the piece eye-catching and the brilliants give it their sparkle. 

Sapphires can be cut into various shapes – even the less common cuts, such as the marquise or oval. TIP: a sapphire in a drop-shaped cut accompanied with smaller diamonds beautifully blends minimalist design and femininity.

Jewelry with Sapphires is a Symbol of Nobility and Romantic Love

The Origin of the Sapphire and its Mystical Properties

With regard to the chemical composition, a blue sapphire, similarly to the red ruby, belongs to the group of corundums. However, there are also yellow, pink, or orange-yellow sapphires. Sapphires get their specific blue color from small amounts of titanium and iron. It measures 9 on the hardness scale and is therefore the second hardest gemstone, right after the diamond.

Sapphires have always been appreciated for their sublime beauty and associated with extraordinary properties. In Ancient Greece, the sapphire was seen as a stone of wisdom and common sense. Since the 6th century, it’s been used in Cardinals’ rings to support spirituality and evoke agelessness and God’s infinite will. Also, kings and royalty were drawn to sapphires, as people believed in their ability to protect against evil forces and to reveal hidden dangers.

A Sapphire Jewel as an Expression of Love

Sapphires also traditionally represent loyalty and devotion. An engagement ring with a sapphire is therefore a great choice as a symbol of your commitment. The most famous sapphire engagement ring belonged to Princess Diana, and these days, Duchess Kate wears it. Princess Diana chose this ring on her own from several rings Prince Charles offered her at their engagement. This ring has a stunning 12-carat Ceylon sapphire which is surrounded by fourteen diamonds. To no one’s surprise, after William and Kate’s engagement, the demand for similar rings rapidly increased again.

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