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The Athletic Apparel Trends Taking Shape in 2020

The Athletic Apparel Trends Taking Shape in 2020

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that the activewear industry has exploded. Gone are the days when everyone in the gym wore the same old T-shirts and basic shorts. Now we have an outlet for personal expression through our athletic apparel. Just like other apparel, activewear follows trends too, and 2020 is set to shape the future of activewear with brands like Reebok continuing to innovate.

What are the trends you should be on the lookout for this year? Let’s take a look at the six things that you can expect to see in athletic apparel in 2020 and beyond.

Functional Inside and Outside of the Gym

Activewear is no longer just for keeping your cool on the treadmill (although it’s still great at that too). More and more these days, you’ll see even office workers wearing athletic leggings that wouldn’t look out of place in a yoga studio—and they’re totally pulling it off too. Expect this trend to continue for years to come with athleisure taking over everywhere, from casual outfits to high fashion.

Compared to past generations, most of us like to be up and ready for anything. Whether it’s an early morning workout or a busy afternoon running errands, we want our workout clothes for women and men to fit and feel right for the occasion. Even small things like pockets can make a difference in functionality both in and out of the gym. Whether they’re holding your phone during a workout or your wallet at the store, there’s no denying that everyone loves pockets. And brands have listened, with newer lines featuring things such as pockets and zippers for better function wherever, whenever.

Luxury Upgrades

Since we’re wearing our workout clothes for more than just working out, brands are creating their athletic wear to be up for anything the day could bring. The quality across the board is getting better with performance and comfort innovations elevating traditional athletic apparel from workout gear to lifestyle clothing.

Dedicated workout gear has always set the bar for performance features. For example, the Speedwick fabric Reebok uses in their apparel keeps you cool and dry, no matter how intense the WOD is. But as athletic apparel becomes more and more of a daily staple, get ready for innovations that make simple things like walking more comfortable and luxurious. Reebok has led the charge on this with their DMX walking shoes in particular, but expect athletic apparel to feel more high quality than ever before thanks to these innovations.

The Athletic Apparel Trends Taking Shape in 2020

A Blast From the Past

One of the best parts about trends is how they come and go. Designers are constantly reinventing styles and trends from the past and putting a fresh spin on them that works with modern culture. As athletic wear become a fashion staple, you can expect to see it take notes from legacy designs and styles. For the last few years, ‘90s styles have been making a comeback, taking over the runways before working their way into consumer culture and athletic wear. Legacy brands such as Reebok, for instance, are leading the charge with the reinvention and reintroduction of their classic shoes and apparel. As one of the originals in the athletic wear scene, they don’t need to look far for inspiration, with hundreds of products from the past to bring to the future.

Whether it’s throwback signature basketball shoes from the likes of NBA legends like Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson, or their authentically ‘90s Instapump Fury shoes, Reebok has plenty of on-trend products. Besides reissues, 2020’s retro trend features distinct elements you’ll want to be on the lookout for and give a try.

Among them, when you’re shopping for the latest workout clothes for women and men, expect to see big logos and a plethora of vibrant neon colors. For those who like the stealthy look, the ‘90s trend also holds darker, subdued hues too. As far as specific items making a comeback in the activewear world, tracksuits are returning as the cool and functional official uniform inside and outside of the gym. Pair them with ‘90s inspired chunky shoes, a bucket hat and a super stylish fanny pack and you have an on-trend outfit for whatever the day holds.

Standout Patterns and Prints

While some might prefer solid colors for their activewear, the trend toward more prints and patterns continues to grow. Innovations in manufacturing have made it possible for futuristic prints to bend, move and hold up to the demands of modern athletes. From geometrical patterns to camo, all-over graphics and holographic patterns, just as activewear is looking toward the past in many areas, it’s also moving forward as well.

Impressive Collaborations

Some of the best ideas and inventions are products of collaboration, and in 2020 it’s more evident than ever in the fashion world. It’s also moving into the fitness apparel industry too, and just as you’ve seen in the last few years, expect more big-time collaborations between legacy brands and designers. As an example, companies such as Les Mills and Pyer Moss, along with individuals like Gigi Hadid and Victoria Beckham, have partnered with Reebok for exclusive designs. Be on the lookout for more in the future, with high-performance athletes and next-level designers collaborating with activewear brands to push the industry forward.

This also brings us to celebrity endorsements. Years ago, the only people with brand endorsements from athletic companies were athletes. But times have changed, and some of your favorite rappers, influencers and models are also embracing certain styles and brands. If endorsements are important to you, pay attention to brands in the space as this trend is likely to continue.


Sustainability has shaped products for years, and it’s no surprise that it’s working its way into athletic wear. Over the last few years and increasingly into 2020, people are searching for more sustainable options that aren’t as harmful to the planet. Most notably in footwear, brands are seeking alternative, sustainable materials rather than using petroleum-based plastics.

Among them, you’ll find shoes like Reebok’s announced Forever Floatride GROW. Based on the running shoe silhouette athletes already know and love, the Forever Floatride GROW uses alternative build materials that are eco-friendly and renewable.

Building on Reebok’s already successful Cotton + Corn collection, Forever Floatride GROW follows the same sustainable approach with plant-based materials like castor beans, eucalyptus trees and BLOOM algae foam. If you’re eco-conscious and into supporting businesses that go above and beyond to mirror your values, you’ll be happy to see sustainability continue to grow over the next few years.

The Athletic Apparel Trends Taking Shape in 2020

Support Your Performance

As athletic wear becomes more and more a part of our daily lives outside the gym, being stylish and on-trend is a must. While this is far from a technically exhaustive list of trends shaping athleisure and activewear, it’s a good starting point that will help you find the best products that support your performance and keep you looking fresh too.

About Reebok

When it comes to producing apparel and footwear that supports your performance, Reebok is the leading name. For decades, they’ve created groundbreaking athletic products that effortlessly blend performance with style. Reebok’s products inspire and innovate and could be the key to your success in the gym, on the track or in the streets. They offer a wide variety of products, including workout clothes for women, basketball shoes, weightlifting shoes, running shoes, gym shorts and much more. If you’re looking for gear that’ll keep up with you and help you perform at your best, all while looking good doing it too, Reebok is your top choice.

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