Retro Fashion Trends That Have Made A Comeback In 2019

Trends come and go, but perhaps like no other year the current brought out some of the most eye-catching retro trends back on the stage. See what’s truly coming back.

Old may be gold, but it’s also bold. We dismiss most fashion trends as passé, especially the ones that are about a decade or two old. However, as luck would have it, these trends are coming back with a bang, and are making their presence felt in the fashion circuit of 2019. So, it’s time to take out your suitcase of old clothes, for they might just up your fashion game by a notch this year.

In case you’re planning to make your own catalog for such styles, then here you go with the most iconic retro fashion trends that are taking the 2019 fashion industry by storm.

1. Dungarees

Yes, dungarees. The most comfortable piece of clothing you’ll ever wear. And honestly, when they’re styled well, they don’t look half as bad. It’s so cool, even supermodels are rocking this look.

2. Leather jackets

Honestly, did leather jackets ever go out of fashion?! Not only they make you look all gangsta and cool, but they’re also a practical choice to wear during the winters. The modern leather jackets are improvising on the basic trend and coming up with looks that are timeless, and true investment pieces. 

3. Round glasses

Only nerdy kids at school wore round glasses. Or did they? The glasses came back with a certain wizard boy, and have been around ever since. The style has also been adopted into sunglasses, making for a cool, cool pair. If you don’t own one already, just get one immediately to look intelligent and interesting at the same time.

4. Denim skirts

Another trend that had no business going out of fashion. Denim skirts were one of the most amazing things you could find in anyone’s wardrobe. The came in all shapes, sizes, and designs- the ones with a bit of a slit on the side and the back were really well loved. But then they went away and we were all heartbroken. Thankfully, they’re making a grand comeback- so you can get your favourite denim skirts out of the back of your closet and work it, girl.

5. Chokers

We have to thank Instagram influencers for bringing the choker back. They revived a trend that had been dead for a long while. It didn’t take long for people to see that chokers were worth having fun with, and now they’re a staple in every closet all over the world. And they should be- they look absolutely amazing and trendy when paired with a shirt or a top.


Obviously, these are only some of the trends that have made a splashing comeback in 2019. There are many more that have arrived, many more that are yet to arrive, and many, many more that we want to see come back. The best part about reliving a trend is that we get to relive the memories we made while enjoying its original phase. So, for the sake of nostalgia and fashion, these trends should keep coming and coming.

All images photographed in New York city for DESIGN SCENE STYLE online exclusive story “A Place Way Down in Bed-Stuy” by fashion photographer Katie Borrazzo. Star of the shoot is the gorgeous Indre Aleksiuk at Silent Models – discover the full session.

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