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If you are a watch lover or you are looking into finding a watch best-fitted for you, then this is an issue you might have come across. Choosing the best timepiece without the right mindset or a plan, you will find this activity downright daunting, walking away with a piece you are particularly not very proud of. So much so, we have heard your cry and are giving you the best cheat sheet that will help you settle for a piece you will savor over even years to come. So strap on, get comfortable, get your notebook, you are about to get schooled.


These are the places to start:

1. The Brands

The first stop to make is brand town! In these streets, you will find quite an impressive array of names you will love. And all these brands go hand in hand with how deep your pockets are. Luckily, each brand has its own collections, from the shinny pieces to the subtle and simplistic pieces. So much so, one can comfortably fall on a beautiful piece from Models by IWC in a snap.

If you don’t have any idea on how each of these brands differs from each other, do a little research online and check the websites of these brands. You can also look for reviews from clients who bought and wore the watch. Were they happy with their investment? Or were there more people who expressed how they spent their hard-earned money to buy a specific branded watch? Let the experience of other people help you narrow down your search and set your expectations.

2. Your career

Another thing to consider when choosing a watch is your career. Here you have to consider the practicability of the timepiece. For instance, if you are working in a factory where you use your hands, you should settle for a functional piece. That means that the straps should close tightly, and it should have no hanging parts. That kind of watch will much make sense. It would be absurd picking a diamond piece while you work in such a job or even in a suit and tie business.

Buying a watch that doesn’t suit your career will likely discourage you from continually wearing it. If you pick a watch that’s too bulky for your career, you’ll end up leaving it at home because you might be worried about it getting lost or scratched as you’re working. When this happens, you’ll end up wasting your investment. How can you show off your purchase if you won’t wear the timepiece every day?


3. Your preferred colors

Well, here you are, ideally spoilt for choice. You have the most common colors black, blue, and grey to go with; While there are the bold reds, pinks, purples, even yellow. Whatever you fancy, you can get. Consider picking colors that match up a majority of your items of clothing if you are getting just one piece. But if you are going for many pieces, go crazy.

The color you’ll choose for a watch is a purely subjective decision, so make sure that you end up buying a watch that comes with a color that you’re truly happy about. The color you’ll choose for your watch can also be your unique way of expressing yourself and style!

4. The type of watch

Today, you will find different kinds of watches in the market. The broadest category in watch types is the traditional and the modernized smart wristwatches. Under these units, you will also find watches fit for the gym and others for the office. Ideally, your likes will dictate which kind you will get.

For instance, if you are a fitness junkie, a waterproof, smart plastic watch is the one to go with. On this kind of watch, you will be able to stay active, get to gauge your working out success, and still stay ahead of time. Additionally, these same smartwatches can be connected to your phone, enabling you to get a few things done even when your phone is not nearby. You can still make phone calls, send texts, and also take pictures.

With the number of watches available today, picking one can be tough. When choosing which type of watch to get, consider your lifestyle. If you’re only going to use your watch to tell the time, traditional watches might work well for you. But if you plan on using your watch for different purposes such as listening to music and checking your heart rates, it might be best if you invest in a smartwatch.


5. The sophistication of the watch

Let us say you just got a clock with the Roman numerals, and you have no idea what they are! This watch still tells time, but you may not know which number is which, though your saving grace will be the familiarity of the face of clocks! Led with the assumption that 3 is III. As an adult, you may easily decipher this, but the task may be a bit more challenging or perhaps confusing for a child. So much so, choosing the sophistication of the watch in terms of its display is also very crucial. Here you will also find watches that have no numbers, but figures such as dots or stars and selecting these kinds, you must have grasped time reading skills very well.

Buying a sophisticated watch that you don’t have any idea how to read or use can be useless. Make sure that you buy a watch that looks good and fits your needs as a user.

Take away

Well, want to know the best part of all this?

Simple, it is that at the end of the day, with such a guide, you will settle on a piece that is perfect for you. So the next time you go watch shopping carry this list with you, it will definitely come in handy.

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