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Latest In Hair Loss Treatment: The FUE Hair Transplant

Read more about the highly successful procedure that gives a completely natural result

Hair Loss Treatment
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For many years, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant method has been the most popular procedure around the world. FUE is the most effective method used in hair transplantation, as it is currently the most advanced technology in the field. It is done without any surgical procedure. The follicular units are extracted one by one from the back side of the head with an 0.7-1 mm circular, microsurgical blade (punch), and then implanted into the balding area. An average of 2,500-3,500 hair grafts can be transplanted in the open area. No stitches are required. The procedure is completed with simple touches and leaves no scarring in the donor region. The FUE hair transplantation is a highly successful procedure that gives a completely natural result. This is one of the methods to stop or prevent hair loss.

While researching the procedure for our article our Beauty and Health Editor consulted with experts at the EstePera Hair Clinic. The clinic originating from Istanbul specializes in hair loss diagnosis and hair transplant in Turkey and is known for innovative procedures as well as affordable prices.

FUE Hair Transplant
Photo ©Benjamin Kaufmann for DSCENE

How is FUE hair transplant done?

In FUE hair transplantation operations, follicle density per cm² is determined. This method is mostly preferred for the comfort of the person. The FUE technique is a non-surgical and trouble-free method. It is a hair transplantation method that is frequently applied by EstePera since it does not leave visible scars in the donor area. Although it is a painless procedure, this important operation should be done in a hospital and operating room conditions. The operation usually lasts about 4 – 5 hours.

FUE Hair Transplant
Photo ©Benjamin Kaufmann for DSCENE

Return to normal life after FUE hair transplantation

Only one day of rest is requires after completing the FUE procedure. The patient can go back to work the day after the operation. Around the third month after the procedure, the transplanted hair starts to grow and it takes an average of 9 months for the entire hair to grow. Advantages of FUE hair transplant operation

  • The FUE method is the latest and most preferred hair transplant method
  • It is a much more comfortable operation for both the patient and the physician.
  • It is a technique open to technological developments.
  • Thanks to the FUE motor technology, operation time is much shorter than other techniques.
  • Since no incision is made in operation, the patient can feel comfortable during the operation.
  • There is no need to spend extra time for separating the hair follicles.
  • In other methods, the patient receives dressing for about 15 days. However, since FUE method does not have stitches, only 3-day dressing is sufficient.
  • In the operation, nearly 2700- 3000 grafts, so 6000 hair strands, can be transplanted in a single session.
  • Unlike the FUT technique, FUE leaves no scars.
  • FUE is available for multiple sessions and multiple grafts.
  • In FUE, 85% of patients are treated in a single session. A second session may be required for a patient group of only 15%.
  • Operation time is shorter in FUE technique (average 4-6 hours). No extra time is required for separating the grafts.
  • The hair follicles taken during the FUE technique are clean and free of residues. Therefore, it is possible to open smaller channels. In this way, there will be no traces in the planting area.
  • The patient is discharged with a casual hat without a bandage on his head.
  • The patient can resume daily life and even go back to work even after only one day after the operation.

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