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Naomi Campbell Talks About Hazmat Suits, The Supermodels Documentary Series, No Filter + More

WSJ. Magazine features supermodel Naomi Campbell In their series My Monday Morning

Naomi Campbell
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images / Source WSJ. Magazine

Supermodel Naomi Campbell teams up with WSJ. Magazine for My Monday Morning series, where self-motivated people tell the magazine how they start off the week.

Oh, no. When I bought them—Linda Evangelista was very insightful and also said [to] get them—I bought them in bulk and I bought them on subscription, so they keep coming. There was one point when my subscription hadn’t come because they’d run out, and I panicked, even though I wasn’t going anywhere. It was funny because when I first wore one people were like, She should give that to the hospital. Why’s she stealing? They were acting like I was stealing supplies from the hospital, like sneaking in Manhattan and going to the hospitals and stealing their supply. That’s how it felt when I was reading it. So I started answering back, saying, “I got it on Amazon! I got it on Amazon!” I bought it fair and square on the internet. – Campbell on whether she has one hazmat suit or many

Campbell on the first thing she does on Mondays:
I always try to be easy on myself on Mondays. Mondays can be hard. But the first thing I do when I get up is I get on my knees and pray. And then I take [out] my phone and start my day.

Campbell on her breakfast:
Breakfast? [Laughs] The first thing I put in my system is warm water with lemon juice, and then I have a celery juice with some of my [supplement] powders. Then I could have maybe two boiled eggs, but that’s about it as breakfast goes. Breakfast is not big for me. Breakfast is only big when I’m on vacation, then I’ll do breakfast. Me at home, I don’t really do breakfast.

In another Journal interview, you said you eat only once a day.
When I’m working, I feel like the food can slow me down, so I want to eat when I can enjoy it. Food is something to enjoy.

Campbell on her extensive vitamin routine and taking anything to stave off Covid-19 specifically:
If I had that remedy, wouldn’t I be lucky? All I’m doing is adding a few more things to enhance my immune system and keep it strong. I spoke to a lovely doctor, Dr. Seema Yasmin, a couple weeks ago. I’m taking my elderberry, I’m taking my colloidal silver. I’m taking my oregano oil and my flaxseed oil and 50,000 IUs of vitamin D that I take once a week. What else do I take? Hair and nail pills. I take vitamin C, the liquid. Ruthenium, iron. Also, I believe in homeopathy. I take essential oils to ward off regular colds, anything to keep my immune system balanced. If I was to get ill… then I’d be able to bounce back fast.

Campbell on being a pre-Covid cleanliness pioneer, and that the hazmat suit she famously wore in March is going in a museum:
It’s going into the Fashion Museum Bath [in England]. I was surprised. I was like, Really? Why would they want that? But that’s what they want.

Campbell on launching No Filter:
My house in New York has a lot of light, so I just put my iPad on a stack of books and sat at my dining table and wanted to know: What is everyone else doing at this time? That’s really what it was, and is still today, to me. Let’s talk to some of my friends and see what they’re doing and be nosy.

Campbell on already filming the documentary series The Supermodels with Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington:
They’re filming me right now as we speak. I keep thinking the whole time we’re doing this: I’m limited in my travel now, and will they be able to keep up with me? But [director] Barbara Kopple is a very strong woman and very amazing at what she does and she’s keeping up with me. And when she said they were going to come to Africa, I was very happy, because I want them to see and understand what it is that I love and to see the same thing and to love it too. I’m happy that they’re here with me now.

Campbell on the one piece of advice you’ve gotten that’s guided her:
I feel like everything my grandmother ever instilled in me growing up, when I used to moan and groan, in terms of hygiene and taking care of yourself. Just knowing that one day you’re on your own in the world and you’ve got to take care of yourself. I feel like everything my grandmother ever said to me just came flooding back [during the pandemic] and has been so present in my life. It was strange for her to be so present in my life and also to lose her [in September] at the same time. I’m grateful for all the things I’ve learned from [her]: how to cook, how to clean, not to rely on anybody, just to rely on yourself.

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