17 Ways Embroidery & Screen Printing Can Highlight Your Promotional Products

Here are the reasons why embroidery and screen printing are the best choice for promotional products for any business

17 Ways Embroidery & Screen Printing Can Highlight Your Promotional Products

The world is now at the dawn of promotional products, or merch, as they say. While the merch can add to your earnings, the additional benefit is that it works as a promotion. People from all over the world can use it to reach untapped consumers. It’s sort of a business card, if you will.

Even influencers sell their merchandise, and they’re making a lot of money out of it! Everyone with a platform is doing it. Even Mcdonald’s came out with their clothing line, believe it or not. Clothing used to be limited to fashion industries, but the times are changing, and marketing is becoming smarter than ever. 

The great thing about merchandise is that it’s flexible. The most common ones are clothing, office supplies, and accessories. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. Other options could include anything that best relates to your business. For example, if your business niche is kitchenware, some simple tools or an apron with your logo and business name on it would be perfect. 

A simple and smart design on items might seem mediocre, but the difference is all in the format. Something eye-catching and innovative will appeal to customers, and, of course, it should be directed toward your target audience. The design ought to vary depending on the product. For instance, a hat should be designed differently from a shirt. This way, there’s more variety and desire to purchase different pieces of merch.

Next is getting the design down on the actual products. This all depends on what the items are. But, for textiles such as clothing lines, hiring services from the likes of Portland Embroidery & Screen Printing is the practical choice. 

People often think that embroidery and screen printing are limited to clothing pieces. This isn’t necessarily true as screen printing can also be used for other items! The more things you can think of, the better. It’s all about strategizing the reach of your brand through these essential everyday pieces. 

Clothing lines are staples for brand merchandise. Essential pieces like shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants are always quick-sellers. But, to make them more desirable, they have to be well-made, and it won’t help to get some modeling in there to boost sales! 

But, it’s important to remember that the main focus is always your brand, which is why embroidery and screen printing are two of the primary choices for any brand to start clothing merchandise. 

Here are the reasons why embroidery and screen printing are the best choice for promotional products for any business:

  1. Cost-effective

Starting a merch line is surprisingly affordable if done in bulk. Embroidery usually comes at a flat rate in comparison to silk screening. The latter will have additional costs depending on how many colors and layers need to be made. Oppositely, embroidery will still come at the same price even if the design needs different colors. Nonetheless, both are cost-effective ways to get the final products done. 

  1. Get on the trend of graphic tees

These days, graphic t-shirts and sweaters are even more in fashion than before. The concepts have become more expansive, from simple, smart phrases, to full-blown graffiti art on clothing. Even the Netflix logo on shirts has become a fashionable trend!

  1. Reliable services

Embroidery and screen printing services are busy businesses. But, the impressive thing is that most of them get the work done on time. Both embroidery and screen printing are fast processes, especially if they have the machinery to help them out. 

Silkscreen processes are usually faster and can produce more products, that’s why it’s an excellent option for rush orders. 

  1. Build identity and a following

It’s the age of social media. Followers matter, and getting their attention is powerful for any brand. Getting the attention of people online through creative pictures of your merch will help your brand get more exposure. 

This is why plenty of brands pay celebrities and influencers to wear or feature their merchandise so they can get exposure to the thousands or millions of followers these people have. When people keep seeing your logo, they remember it easily. And, the next time they think of products or services your brand offers, they’ll think of you immediately! 

There’s also the genius of free giveaways. Brands, online shops, and influencers give out free merch in exchange for likes, shares, and other kinds of social media activity. Having gorgeous merch that people find desirable can get you a lot of exposure online!

  1. Embroidery looks professional

Choosing embroidered logos can give off a more professional and high-quality look to any item. Clean stitching with a sophisticated logo can make the brand merchandise look stylish. And, if it’s trendy, people will wear it more. 

  1. Both are high-quality options

Embroidery, as well as silk printing, are both superb in quality if done correctly. Remarkable embroidery and printing can last you a long time, even after several machine washes. While both are great options, embroidery tends to last longer. 

  1. Crisp design

If your brand has an intricate design, you’ll want it to translate into the final products as best as possible. Screen printing is fantastic for this purpose as it can create stencils that can match your vision down to the most delicate strokes. 

17 Ways Embroidery & Screen Printing Can Highlight Your Promotional Products

  1. Add artistic texture

While embroidery can also be crisp to some extent, the designs can be limited. But, its main feature is its gorgeous stitched texture. It can make the product look expensive and fashionable.

  1. Flexible

Embroidery and screen printing can be used on different items. Screen printing is commonly used for shirts, but it’s also possible to print on bags, cups, glass, wood, vinyl, signs, banners, and even electronics. 

On the other hand, embroidery is the better option for socks, jackets, bags, sweatpants, caps, beanies, and even backpacks. This is because thicker fabrics can handle embroidery, but not thinner materials. 

  1. Vibrant colors

For the items to be eye-catching, the colors should be vibrant. Textile paint and thread come in all kinds of colors options. You can choose different color combinations for not just the design, but also the items themselves. It doesn’t always have to be a plain white shirt all the time! 

  1. Unique and creative

Getting merchandise printed or embroidered can show off the creative side of your company. It can represent your brand as a whole, and how interesting or fun it is. Believe it or not, looking professional doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a boring logo and design. 

Embroidery and screen printing are art forms that you can utilize to get your creativity flowing. The more creative the concept, the better brand recognition you get!

  1. Affordable advertising

Advertisements come in all kinds of forms, and it’s usually the brand that pays for them. Billboards, tv commercials, Internet advertisements, and the like can cost tons of money. Creating a brand merch line is cheaper, and customers pay to advertise your brand. It’s an ingenious marketing plan! 

  1. Make your brand memorable

Imagine someone wearing your shirt while going on their daily errands. They go shopping, and they expose others to your brand. One person wearing it might not make much of a difference, but if the brand is seen everywhere, and if many people are wearing it, it’s bound to get embedded in people’s memory. 

  1. Everyone likes shirts

A shirt is pretty universal. It’s the go-to top for anyone, whether it’s for home or outdoors. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what your gender is—shirts are staples! It would be strange for a brand to single out clothing that’s limited to specific people or preferences. This is why most merch lines are neutral. 

  1. Do business online

These days, everyone is shopping online. Some still have physical stores, but it can’t be denied that more people tend to get items shipped. 

Businesses use this to their advantage. If someone from far away orders products or services from them, throwing in a freebie merch can bring awareness to your brand in that outlying area. This way, you’re building a customer base while you’re doing business.

  1. Represent your brand

Merchandise represents your brand. Anything poorly designed or of low quality is going to create a wrong impression. This is why sticking to embroidery and screen printing for clothing pieces has become a standard for companies. For them to keep their reputation and the trust of customers, providing well-made products is vital.

  1. Classic

Logos on shirts and embroidered pieces are classics. They’re never out of style, and most people will continue wearing the merchandise for a long time. You don’t have to worry about what’s in or what’s not. 


Brands are getting on the merchandise bandwagon because it works. If it’s a flop, then this marketing strategy would’ve died down long ago. But, here it is, continuing and even being adopted by upcoming brands. The thing is a simple embroidered or printed product can help boost brand recognition minus the considerable cost of other forms of advertising. 

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